Great Domain Names

Choosing a great domain name for your business is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Domains are your internet property; they represent your brand(s). Great Domain Names can benefit your company in a myriad of ways.

Let’s look at an illustration: say you’ve worked long and hard to open a small business. You found a place for your store at 5578888 Aljalala Street. Your good buddy Joe also worked hard to open a similar business. He is your competitor, but his store is located at 55 Main Street. Which of these two businesses would  receive a greater number of customer traffic and sales? And Why?

Joe’s store will see more customers because: 

  1. His store’s address, 55 Main Street, is easy to remember and pronounce. 
  2. His store’s address is brandable. A store at 55 Main Street can be easily called ’55Main’
  3. The address on Main Street is trustworthy. Will you more likely visit a business that is located on Main Street or one that is on Aljalala Street?
  4. Customers already have a general idea where they can find Main Street. Unlike 5578888 Aljalala Street, they won’t have to spend valuable time attempting to find the store.

So it is with a domain name. If your domain name fits a set of criteria that make your business easy for customers to find on the internet, you will see more traffic and more sales. On the contrary, if you choose a domain name that makes finding you difficult, you will lose traffic and sales to your competitor. 

At Rock of Brands, we understand the value and importance of great domain names.  We are a domain investment initiative; we buy/sell domains and we deliver content to help new and up-and-coming domain investors benefit from what we’ve learned along the way. Others have given back to us, so we pay it forward.

Please view our current domain portfolio page and please do not hesitate to contact us once a domain name peaks your interest.